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Providing you are registered and have a qualifying class mark (DP), then you can still write the exam. Given the challenges of the past months, NMMU is endeavouring to do all that it can to ensure that you have the opportunities to complete your academic year. Please arrive at the venue two hours before the exam to ensure that you can be seated in time.

The official November / December exams are from 25 November to 15 December. The January option runs from 9 to 24 January.

Many of the exams will be held at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. Students will receive confirmation of their venues on a need-to-know basis.

Most NMMU exams will take place in the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium where there is a strong security presence. There is strict entry and exit control to the stadium in line with the stadium security arrangements. There are also CCTV cameras throughout the stadium and in each of the examination venues.

If you forget your card, or have lost it, please report to the mobile station at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium where a new card can be printed to enable you to write your exams. R100 payment for the card will automatically be taken off your student account. In order to get your new card, however, you must have proof of identification, such as an ID, passport (international students only) or a driver’s license. Only original documents are accepted or only recent proof of registration printed on an NMMU letterhead will be accepted.

The stadium is a large facility with examination venues spread throughout it. Apart from the necessary strict entry and exit control which takes time, students will need time to find their exam venues and settle down before writing. Given the distance in reaching your venue, it is also advisable to wear comfortable walking shoes. The chief invigilator will indicate when students can enter the actual venue.

No cellphones, MP3 players, electronice translators and the like are allowed to be used by you during examinations. If you normally use a cellphone to read the time, please use an alternative method or ask the invigilator to keep you informed as to the time.

For security reasons, no students will be permitted to leave the venue until the end of the exam. Students will be expected to all leave at the same time at the end of the exam.

There is ample parking around the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, just as there is for all major sporting events and music concerts.

Access to the stadium is via the Milner Road entrance towards the North End Lake. This entrance has been specifically marked for NMMU students.

As per normal stadium rules, do not bring any sharp objects (eg scissors, umbrellas, penknives) or glass bottles in your cases, bags or backpacks.

In keeping with the stadium rules, you may only smoke outside the building.

Just as the shuttle operated during the teaching and learning period at the stadium, so it will work during the exam period (see shuttle schedule above).

The exams are on level 4 of the stadium in the North and South corridors as well as on level 5, in the East lounges (1 2 and 3) and South lounges. Marshalls (NMMU volunteer staff) and security personnel will be on hand to assist all students. Please ask them for help.

The provisional exam results will be released on 21 December.

Official exam results are no longer posted to students. Should you require a hard copy to submit to your employer, you may request it from an examination office at no cost to you.

It is your responsibility to obtain your results, especially to ascertain if a special or re-examination has been awarded to you. Exam results can be obtained from the following places:

  • NMMU website
  • Student portal
  • ITS student enabler
  • SMS (please ensure that your cell number is correct on the student database)

January 2017 examinations will take place between 9 and 24 January 2017, inclusive. This includes the Novembver/December re-examination period too.

Re-examinations for the January exams take place betweem 9 and 17 February 2017, inclusive.

No date has yet been advised, but as soon as this information is made available it will be shared.

Appointments to view exam scripts must be made at least 48 hours in advance. The process and viewing and applications for re-marking will only start after the January exam period. Students will be notified of these dates. Thereafter, students will be informed individually by an examinations officer about the outcome of the application(s) as soon as the remarking results are available.

Should you have any questions please consult the examination rules in the General Prospectus available on the student portal or mail

NMMU is hoping to accommodate all students whose rents expire at the end of January on campus in residences or in accredited off-campus accommodation. As many students living here have opted to write in January, there will be vacancies. The public has also offered “home-stays” to those students affected by the extended exam period.

Unfortunately, the offer to assist students with alternative accommodation is only during the December exam period since most students’ leases expire at the end of November. Students will need to find their own accommodation if they are returning to write their 2016 exams in January.

Please email or call 041 – 504 4735/6 for assistance. As you will appreciate, this is a huge logistical challenge so you’re timeous co-operation will be much appreciated. The onus is on you to do this by end of business on Friday, 25 November.  

The University intended to open for staff on Monday, 17 October 2016 and for students on Tuesday, 18 October. Due to continued student protest and clashes with police, many classes were not able to resume. We wish to confirm that NMMU remains open but, as things stand, we do understand that it will not be possible to conduct classes on South Campus.

However, we will be employing a range of alternative modalities in order to best complete this year’s programmes. We will prioritise getting the modules completed for those students in their final years of study, but will also address all years of study. 

At the moment faculties are making assessments taking into consideration year levels, module types, teaching and learning requirements and a range of modalities. These include learning resources such as learning packs, digital resources, and a variety of learning spaces as well as assessment requirements.  We are also making assessments in each faculty of what is required for postgraduate students to complete their work in order to graduate next year. 

The Deans and Faculty Management Committees are putting contingency plans in place to minimize time lost. This will differ from programme to programme so you are advised to liaise directly with your lecturers or Head of Department once you are back on campus.   

The safety of staff and students is a key priority for NMMU, which is why NMMU did not open its campuses earlier. It needed assurances regarding the welfare of its staff and students that there will be a conducive learning environment.

The University wishes to affirm its belief that the NMMU community must uphold both the right to peaceful protests and the rights of others wishing to continue with their studies. However, and after careful consideration, a court order was served on 15 October.

The University remains committed to completing the academic year in 2016. We know that we need four weeks to complete lectures, three days for study leave and about three weeks for examinations. 

As we work towards returning to University, we know it is likely that the examinations will spill over into December. We know that this will have further repercussions, especially around accommodation and travel plans.

We are working hard to resume classes. NMMU is committed to completing the 2016 academic programme.  

Contingency plans are being put in place to minimize the impact of missed tests and assignments. The way this is handled will differ from programme to programme, but please be assured that academic staff are mindful of the impact that the shutdown has had on our students and will adapt their plans accordingly. 

All assessments (tests, assignments, tasks etc) have been suspended for the period of the shut-down. Unequal access to IT and the Internet means that not all students can meet these commitments and we want to emphasise that all students should be treated equally and fairly especially as it relates to assessments.

The University recognises that these are extraordinary times. Since NMMU does not yet know when classes will resume, please be assured that you will not be obliged to have it ready. We recognise that students do not have equal access to libraries, IT, or the Internet. Lecturers will advise on a new due date for such assignments when lectures resume.

Students who were not able to attend their experiential learning activities because of the present shut down will not be penalized and alternative arrangements related to such activities will be made. These are exceptional times, and the University is understanding of these challenges.

NMMU has a series of contingency plans in place to address different challenges in light of the present shutdown 

Unfortunately, there will no longer be a graduation ceremony in December. All the Graduation ceremonies will take place in April next year.

We are confident that we will complete the academic programme and that those who pass will graduate. Our main graduation is in April each year. NMMU encourages you to continue to work towards your future – which includes taking up a job offer.

Yes, you are encouraged to go ahead and apply for jobs.

The University is working with the Department of Home Affairs in an attempt to assist these students with an extension of their visas.  All such students have been informed.

NMMU is mindful that not all students have equal opportunities in accessing the Internet or retrieving books for their studies held in the libraries. Lecturers will consider such inequalities and all other challenges directly related to the shut down in preparing alternative tests, assignments, catch up tutorials and SI sessions and the like going forward.       

All prospective students are invited to apply for studies at NMMU next year. You can apply online If you are asked for pin number, please contact  or call 041 5043000. Please have your ID and student number available.

What must I do if I do not receive a student number and pin?

If you have not received your verification e-mail please check your spam/junk mail. Verify your e-mail address after which you will receive a student number and pin via sms and e-mail.

How do I complete the admission process?

Once you have received your student number and pin log-in again using the student number and pin to complete the process.

What must I do if after checking spam and/or junk mail I have not received my verification e-mail?

If you have not received a verification e-mail send your ID number and contact information (cell and e-mail) to

What must I do if my pin becomes inactive or is lost?

Contact or call 041 5043000. Please have ID and student number available.

Will application turnaround times remain as publicized?

Unfortunately due to the closure of the university these may be delayed but the Admissions Office is doing all it can to process applications as quickly as possible

Will the application closing date be extended beyond 30 October 2016?

No this will remain as publicized. The online application platform remains operational despite the university closure. Online applications and postal applications are currently being received and processed by the university.

Applications to study at NMMU in 2017 only close on 30 October. Please apply before this date with the necessary documentation (see website). Given the shutdown, there is a massive backlog of applications. Staff are working at alternative sites to work through the applications. We ask for your patience and understanding in this regard.    

CAAR testing scheduled for Saturday, 29 October and Saturday, 5 November is going ahead at an off campus venue – the David Blake Hall at Victoria Park High School. Those who have booked for this Saturday were notified of the changed venue last Monday. If you have not heard, please check your inbox or phone 041 504 2918/2082. You need to keep trying if the phone is not answered as there is only one instrument. It is manned from 9am to 3pm each day.

Testing for 5 November is virtually full. We will notify candidates of the venue change on Monday 31/10. Please check your inbox. If you have heard nothing by Tuesday morning, you can phone 014 504 2918/2082.

Thereafter, we will be testing from 21 November each day of the week – we open the sessions a couple of days at a time and try to fill sessions up so as not to have too many small sessions. Applicants can phone now to book for a session in that period.

All the remote sites are operational. If candidates are struggling to get through they must keep on trying as some of those offices are quite busy and also only have one receptionist.

Testing at sites not connected to university campuses will continue as per scheduled bookings. Testing in Durban, Bloemfontein and George take place on university campus sites which may well be closed. Please phone and check with these venues. 

  • Monday 21 November 8.30 Senate Hall North Campus – we will have student assistants at the main entrance to the North Campus building from 08.00 to direct writers to the venue.
  • Tuesday 22 and Wednesday  23 November New Lecture Theatre (425 003) on 2nd Ave Campus.
  • There is no testing on 24 November – no suitable venue and on 25 November English Home and FAL is being written.
  • From Monday 28 November to Friday 9 December we plan to test each day but I will inform you towards the end of next week concerning venues
  • The University has taken a principled decision to suspend all academic activities until further notice.
  • In operational terms, this means that all engagement with students – lectures and assessments – be postponed until further notice, except for limited essential experiential learning, especially where human life is at risk.
  • The University encourages all students to continue learning independently – as far as possible in the circumstances.
  • Staff who wish to access campus to retrieve books, other materials or to attend to urgent matters should liaise with their line managers, right up to the Dean, who will contact head of Protection Services to make arrangements to escort you to your office at a convenient time to all involved. 

Faculties have undertaken to ensure that once operations resume, students will be given a reasonable opportunity to prepare for the assessments to be rescheduled.

This depends on the committee and the urgency of the matters under consideration. Urgent meetings are conducted electronically. If there is a specific need for a face-to-face meeting the relevant MANCO or EMANCO member can bring such a request to a special EMANCO meeting.

As at 10:00 on Friday, 7 October - you are able to access campuses.