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The much-anticipated biennial Kuesta University Choral Festival is being hosted by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) on 11 and 12 September.

This promises to be a noteworthy weekend with world-class performances by four South African University choirs - the University of Johannesburg Choir, TUKS Camerata Choir, Stellenbosch University Choir and the NMMU Choir.

The weekend will consist of three concerts: the first on 11 September in NMMU’s South Campus Auditorium at 1pm. Tickets are R60 for adults and R30 for students and pensioners.

The second concert also takes place on 11 September at the Summerstrand Dutch Reformed Church, starting at 6pm, with tickets at R60 for adults and R30 for students and pensioners.

The gala concert will be held at Feather Market Centre on 12 September at 4pm. Tickets are R85 for adults and R45 for students and pensioners.

As part of the festivities, a choral conducting workshop will be held on 12 September with the highly acclaimed conductors from each of the four choirs - Renette Bouwer (UJ-Choir), Michael Barret (TUKS Camerata Choir), André van der Merwe (Stellenbosch Choir) and Junita Lamprecht-van Dijk (NMMU-Choir).

A special guest from America, Prof Joey Martin (Choral director of the Texas State Chorale), will be round-off the morning workshop.

Kuesta is an integral part of the South African Choral community, with it bringing together South Africa’s, and some of the world’s best choirs for an event of artistic excellence.

All four choirs are highly sought-after both nationally and internationally, with the UJ-Choir just recently touring Europe and visiting Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria, where they took part in several festivals and competitions. The highlight for them was receiving two gold awards and the overall Grand Prix recognition at the Slovakia Folk competition in Bratislava.

TUKS Camerata was in turn awarded first place in the Mixed Youth Choir category, as well as second place and a gold medal in the Scenic Folklore category at the 8th World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia, during 2014. The Stellenbosch University Choir also participated at the World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia, and was awarded first place in the categories Musica Sacra, Spirituals and Mixed Choir.

The NMMU-Choir is currently hard at work for their tour to the World Choral Expo in Macau during November. This invitation from the International Federation of Choral Music (IFCM) is a result of the choir’s performances at the World Choral Summit held in Beijing, China, in 2014, and is a great honour as only a few special guest choirs are invited to the expo.

Along with this, the NMMU Choir has had a bustling year between performing at the BeKoor/aCHOIRed Taste Concert in the Western Cape; singing at the induction of the new NMB-Metro Mayor; as well as singing for President Zuma on the request of Chief Mandla Mandela at the opening of the Makgato Lewanika Mandela Primary School in Mvezu – the birthplace of Nelson Mandela.

These four choirs are at the heart of South Africa’s choral community, but also forms an integral part of South Africa’s socio-cultural heritage – spreading the message of hope and tolerance across borders through artistic excellence, with this festival being a landmark for bringing these choirs together. 

Tickets are available through Computicket, or alternately contact Mabel van Vliet at 041 504 3339, or


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