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Picking up the pieces after gender-based violence (GBV) will be addressed at the Conference on Gender-based violence at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University next week. 

Noordhoek rape survivor Allison Botha will share her story at the conference on Tuesday, 25 August 2015.

According to one of the organisers Sister Linda Dalton the delegates will be addressed by various experts on the issue of gender-based violence which is one of the areas Campus Health Services are addressing in the student community.

The conference opens on Monday, 24 August and on this day topics like ‘’Sleeping with the enemy’’, ‘’The face of GBV: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’’, ‘’Causes and Consequences of GBV and ‘’Should Love Hurt? will be dealt with.

A medical panel discussion with law, place of safety and psychology representatives will take place after Allison’s talk on Tuesday. In addition, attendees will hear from a counsellor as well as from an expert on empowerment.

Enquiries: Sister Linda Dalton on 041-5042174 or or Nobatembu Mafanya on Nobathembu/ or 041-5043762.