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Experimental nuclear physicist Dr Don Mingay believes “we could well be entering a little ice age with associated global cooling, not warming!”

Dr Mingay will explain his argument during a popular talk open to the public titled “The Conflict in Climate Change” on 30 June at 19:00 at the Boardwalk.

He is one of the invited speakers to the 60th annual conference of the South African Institute of Physics in Port Elizabeth hosted by NMMU and Rhodes University.

Dr Mingay bases his counter argument against global warming with carbon dioxide as the main driver, on an established role of solar variability in addition to sun-earth cycles affecting cosmic ray impacts on cloud formation as being the true drivers of climate change.

He says this theory is gaining ground in credibility versus the popular theory behind global warming that the release of carbon must be reduced to avoid the dangerous warming of the planet.

His counter argument is based on the exploration and conclusions drawn from the scientific data available. He is also a keen advocate of nuclear energy.

Dr Mingay is a regular public speaker who uses pictorial representation and custom-animated PowerPoint presentations to explain complicated scientific topics.

When asked what the audience should take away from his lecture, he said: A smile of satisfaction, some understanding and intent to read more on the topic.”

Currently retired, Dr Mingay is an advisor to Government on the applicability, efficiency and cost efficacy as well as environmental impact of all energy sources available and their respective places in developing economies.

His career includes a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the California Institute of Technology, working with Nobel Prize winner Prof Willy Fowler, a visiting Faculty Member at Rutgers State University and a long term at Wits University in charge of the operation and maintenance of the accelerators where he pursued both pure and applied nuclear research and technology applications.

In 1976 he left as Professor of Experimental Nuclear Physics to join the Atomic Energy Board at Pelindaba where he ended as Senior General Manager in charge of the Applied Radiation Technology Division.

He also served as a representative on the World Energy Council. His last post was that of an independent International Expert Consultant to the DDG of Technical Co-operation for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna working on a wide variety of topics from “securing the HEU” from Russian Research Reactors to Nuclear Technology transfer in developing countries mainly in Europe and Africa in the nuclear related fields of human health, agriculture, industry, energy and the environment.


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