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Exciting stunts, powerful tumbling and tight synchronisation yield winning scores in competitions and that is what the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University cheerleaders will have in mind as they prepare for the National Cheerleader Championships next month.

The competition takes place in Potchefstroom from 3 to 9 February together with the new Varsity Cricket series kicking off a bigger-than-ever Varsity Sport calendar for 2015.

The NMMU Samsung cheerleaders are made up of 24 talented and diverse young men and women who often perform at university events. Funk, contemporary modern and hip-hop dance styles all exist within the group.

According to manager and choreographer Nicki-Ann Rayepen, this year sees the addition of gymnastics, thanks to Mandy’s School of Tumbling and Gymnastics.

“This will only increase the standard of the team, and provide a great platform of exposure for the sport too,” she says, adding that the team had been practicing hard.

Although the cheerleader competition will take place on campus at the NWU-Pukke Amphitheatre, the cheerleaders will also be involved at the new cricket contest at nearby Senwes Park.

On the day of the cricket finals, the cheerleaders will perform their first on-field performances with the inaugural Samsung Cheerleader Competition winners being announced soon afterwards.