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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s new Dean of Arts Prof Rose Boswell will talk to Gavin Evans, author of Black Brain, White Brain, at the Port Elizabeth launch of the book at Exclusive Books, Walmer Park at 6pm tomorrow.

Prof Boswell will converse with Port Elizabeth-born Evans who busts the myths of racial thinking as endorsed by maverick scientists and explore the origins of intelligence, athletic performance, IQ and cleverness, and much more.

“Smart, accessible and stimulating; Black Brain, White Brain is by far the most important book yet written to systematically debunk society’s lingering attachments to race science and its pet topics of intelligence, genetics and civilization,’’ is how Free State University rector Prof Jonathan Jansen describes the book.

Prof Boswell, an anthropologist, will present her inaugural lecture on Wednesday, 27 May, titled “Colonial tales, alter-narratives and the enduring tale of anthropology”.

The launch at Exclusive Books is at 6pm for 6.30pm.

Prof Rose Boswell