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Matriculants who have passed the 2014 final exam and who meet the direct entry requirements and have not applied yet can still apply to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University until Friday, 09 January 2015 at 16:00.

After this date the University will no longer consider late applications for Semester 1 in 2015. This only applies to qualifications where there is space available, but excludes all qualification with additional selection. to check your APS score go to:

Before completing the application form and paying the application fee, prospective students should ensure that they meet the direct minimum admission and subject requirements for their chosen programme. They should complete the application form, pay the prescribed application fee of R640.00 and submit the application form either at the NMMU Admissions Offices or e-mail it to

Full Programmes for 2015 intake

Note that this list refers to ALL campuses unless otherwise indicated


  1. ND: Inventory and Stores Management
  2. ND: Public Management
  3. BTech: Public Management
  4. ND: Agricultural Management
  5. ND: Nature Conservation
  6. ND: Agricultural Management Extended
  7. BTech: Agricultural Management (George Campus)
  8. BTech: Nature Conservation
  9. BTech: Forestry (Full-time)
  10. BTech: Radiography
  11. ND: Logistics (Full-time)
  12. BPharm
  13. ND: Engineering: Civil
  14. HCert: Business Studies
  15. BTech: Management
  16. ND: Forestry Extended
  17. ND: Information Technology: Software Development
  18. Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
  19. ND: Logistics Extended
  20. ND: Sport Management
  21. ND: Game Ranch Management
  22. Bachelor of Radiography (BRad)
  23. ND: Human Resource Management (Full-time)
  24. ND: Human Resource Management Extended
  25. HCert: Pharmacy Support
  26. ND: Biomedical Technology
  27. ND: Management Full Time (2nd Avenue)
  28. BCur Extended
  29. ND Public Management Extended
  30. ND: Management Extended
  31. LLB Extended
  32. ND: Marketing Extended
  33. BAdmin
  34. BTech: Engineering: Civil: Transportation Engineering
  35. BTech: Engineering: Civil: Urban Engineering
  36. ND: Public Relations Management (PRM)
  37. ND: Analytical Chemistry
  38. BCur
  39. ND: Journalism
  40. ND: Architectural Technology
  41. ND: Interior Design
  42. BVA
  43. BAS

Contact NMMU on 041-5041111 for more information.