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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University staff and students are perturbed and saddened by the recent spate of crime that has impacted directly on students.

Nationally, we are perceived to be one of the safest metros and institution in the country, and it is imperative that we all do all in our power to ensure that our communities remain as safe as possible by coming together to beat the scourge of crime.

From NMMU’s perspective, we are working closely with the South African Police Services and other community organisations to increase safety and security in the Summerstrand area where a large percentage of our students live, said Mr Derek Huebsch, Head of Campus Protection Services.

“We issued a warning to our students living in the area to be particularly vigilant in light the of the brutal attack on Asadullah Ajimudin last Saturday morning and his subsequent death, and the latest robbery of five female students in their Summerstrand commune in the early hours of today,” he said.

“Though the students were not physically injured, they are understandably traumatised by what occurred as three men forced their way into the Geddes Road commune. All their laptops and cellphones were stolen.”

As with any traumatic event experienced by our students, NMMU arranges counselling sessions.

Students living in the area – and not just those who live on-campus – are also encouraged to call NMMU’s own Protection Services should they have any safety concerns or suspect foul-play at work in the neighbourhood.

“We are both angry and sad that anyone, but especially our students, should have to suffer because of criminal behaviour in our immediate neighbourhood. The safety of our students is a priority. We will therefore do all that we can – in partnership with others - to protect their welfare,” Huebsch concluded.   

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