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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) together with Cityofpe hosted their first Instawalk (Instagram Walk) this week, making it one of the first institutions of higher learning to do so.

Joshua Terry, BSc Construction Economics honours student at NMMU and one third of Cityofpe says: “Instawalks are about community, getting the community together. It’s also for people to get to meet the people behind the Instagram accounts and actually be able to interact with them on a human level. We’re basically about growing the community, that’s our emphasis.”

Cityofpe, is a start-up social media company which comprises two NMMU students, Joshua Terry and River Leask and a local high school teacher, Dean Cothill. They run the “cityofpe” Instagram account and joined forces with NMMU to host the first “NMMUwalk”.

The NMMUWalk took place on the University’s South Campus. “It’s so great to see different students coming together because of a social network. We’re used to communicating with each other over screens; this event allows us to transcend that barrier. As well as other societal barriers, as evidenced in the diversity of those who came out today” says Khanyisa Melwa, one of the students who attended.

The diverse group of 25 students who braved the indecisive weather on Tuesday evening walked around South Campus taking pictures and highlighting the unique architecture of some of the buildings. All the students study different courses, ranging from Engineering and Biology to Commerce.

 “Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world with over 300 million users and counting, most of these users are part of the Y Generation. A generation that’s daring and smart, of which most of our students are part of.” says Beverley Erickson, NMMU’s Online Community Manager.

Cityofpe has also collaborated with companies like Bluewaters Café by hosting Instawalks along the beach, as well as the Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism – doing “account takeovers” for them during the 7’s Rugby as well as other events.

Both NMMU and Cityofpe can be found on Instagram by simply searching @NMMU4U and @cityofpe. For pictures of the NMMUWalk, search #NMMUWalk on Instagram.

Images from the Instawalk: