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The Regional Eskom Expo for Young Scientists 2015. (Expo) - South Africa’s primary and only existing science fair for school students where they have an opportunity to exhibit their own scientific investigations and engineering projects - is taking place tomorrow (18 August 2015) and Wednesday.

Sponsored by Eskom, NMMU and the Department of Education, Eskom Expo brings together students, teachers, professional organisations and educational bodies and governments from all over the world.

This year the projects for the Grades 2 to 4 section include the following: Comparing butterflies and moths, Pepper and liquid soap, Walking water, Improving Safety on Airlines, how salt affect the cooking of pasta and the permanence of a permanent marker.

The senior section focuses among others on physics, health and sport science, earth science, chemistry, biochemistry and energy with projects such as ‘‘Sunnyside Up - Solar Cooked Eggs’’, ‘’Developing solar power chargers’’, Why Doesn't the Ocean Freeze? and ‘’Turning a cell phone camera into a light microscope’’.

‘’As there is a shortage of skills in research and the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation (STEMI) fields, the innovative and inquiry based thinking required for participation in the Expo for Young Scientists, motivates and inspires our young scientists to think and discover “out of the textbook thinking”. Learners from Grades 6 to 12 are afforded the opportunity to present their research work in project boards and interviews at the Expo and may get the opportunity to attend International Science Fairs in Africa, America and Europe’’, says NMMU Education lecturer Marilyn Gibbs.

‘’As the Regional Director of an inter-disciplinary team of volunteers, “For the love of science”, we conduct educator workshops in science methodology and judge’s workshops in assessing projects, as well as coaching and mentoring our young scientists in their project upgrades. The Regional Expo event is held in August every year at the NMMU Indoor Sports Centre, which requires website entries from over 50 schools and organising of over 100 judges, over 450 learners and 350 projects’’.

The Expo takes place at the NMMU Indoor Centre and will be officially opened at 13:15 by the Eskom and Department of Education representatives. Visitors are welcome to come and view from 13:00 until 17:30.

Enquiries: Marilyn Gibbs on